Healthy Tailgating Tips

October 11, 2017

Football season has arrived! It’s a fun and exciting time of year filled with football, friends and yes…food! Many tailgate foods are high in calories, fat and added sugars, but they don’t have to be! It is possible to eat healthy foods and still have fun at a tailgate party.

Have Fun!

Eating healthy can be fun!  You just have to mentally prepare yourself and have a plan so that you’ll be more likely to stay on track!

Bring your own dish

Fill up on non-starchy vegetables and lean protein sources!

  • Black bean chili
  • Turkey roll ups
  • Deviled eggs made with plain greek yogurt versus mayonnaise
  • Buffalo cauliflower bits
  • Veggie tray with guacamole or hummus dip. You can also make dips using plain greek yogurt!

Don’t drink your calories

Alcohol and soda contain a lot of calories and sugar.  Alcohol can alter cognition and make you more likely to make less healthy food choices and snack.  Soda can also cause bloating.  Make sure you are staying hydrated and drink plenty of water!  Remember to wait 15-30 minutes before and after you eat.

Stay active

Tailgating involves watching the big game, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around.  Get up and move!

  • Play yard games, throw a Frisbee, chase the kids, or toss around the football
  • Walk around with friends and family and mingle or if there’s a dog around, walk the dog around or play catch

Be mindful

There’s always a lot of fun going on at a tailgate party.  Remember to be mindful.

  • Make sure to eat slowly, chew thoroughly and taste everything
  • Pay attention to your portion sizes. Use small plates and/or bowls
  • Practice bariatric plate distribution…50% protein, 25% vegetables, 25% starch
  • Trust and listen to your stomach


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