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Four Helpful Health and Fitness Apps

October 28, 2015


Technology is literally at our fingertips and because of these advances we have endless information that can aid in improving our health and fitness with just a touch of the screen of our smart phone or tablet. If you have a smart phone you can download these four free applications that can be helpful to you along your Bariatric weight loss journey. 

  1. MyFitness Pal: This is a wonderful weight loss app to download, weither you have had weight loss surgery or not. With this app you can track your diet and exercise in just a few minutes. Track all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and more. It has a very large food database with over 5,000,000 foods to add to your food journal for the day. It’s easy to use and this app can remember you favorite foods and activities so that you don’t have to look them up every time you log, it will just add those items to your favorites list. MyFitness pal offers some fun features such as the Barcode scanner; track a food just by scanning its barcode. It also provides a step tracker compatible with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6/6+. Users can track steps and overall calorie burn right from their phone. A recipe importer that lets you visit any recipe on the web and easily import and track it with just a tap of your finger. What I love most about this app is that it allows you to connect with friends and easily track and motivate each other, or meet new friends from the MyFitnessPal community.
  1. Baritastic: Depending on your specific stage pre or post weight loss surgery, this app can help you track your weight loss, nutrition, protein and water intake. It also provides a barcode scanner to help you log your food intake and offers access to different bariatric specific web tools and websites. Baritastic offers weight loss forums, bariatric friendly recipes, and bariatric podcasts to listen to at your leisure. The forums for weight loss surgery patients are to enable them to share recipes, menus, meal plans, food ideas and encouragements. An exciting feature is a photo timeline so that you can create a photo progression of your weight loss success. It has a weekly motivation section to help encourage you after weight loss surgery to reach your long term weight loss goals.
  1. Bariatric Timer: After bariatric surgery it is very important not to eat and drink at the same time, because of the risk of overfilling your pouch and making yourself sick or stretching out your stomach. Bariatric Timer features two main buttons: 1.) “Drank”- this button starts a timer until eating is allowed 15-30mins later. 2.)”Ate”- this button begins a timer until drinking is allowed again 15-30mins after meal. A notification will be sent to you when the time is up when you push either button. In addition, when the time’s up, a second timer for the next meal will start, for which two notifications will later be sent. One is to remind you that you should eat soon, so you can drink and the other when the times up to remind you that you should eat. All time intervals and notification messages can be changed in the settings section. This application can help you get use to this new way of eating and drinking immediately after weight loss surgery until you get use to this new routine.
  1. MapMy Walk: Walking is wonderful exercise and is a great place for most people to begin when trying to slowly increase physical activity. MapMyWalk enables you to use the built-in GPS of your phone to track all of your activity from the day. It can record your walking details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. You can easily save and upload your workout data to MapMyWalk where you can view your route workout data, and comprehensive workout history and post it to social media, showing everyone how active you were that day to provide some accountability and encouragement.

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